A beautiful girl freediving in clear blue water next to a coral reef
Freediving Instructor Ryan Archbold running under water holding a rock

About Me


I'm a Freediving Instructor based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Freediving is the ultimate escape from the unrelenting rush of the modern world.

Beyond Depth Freediving is not about numbers.

I began instructing with the view of taking a holistic approach that helps people unlock their natural abilities and true potential in the amazing sport of Freediving.

Allow me the opportunity to share with you, my experience and passion for this rapidly growing sport.


Having enjoyed many group pool freedive training sessions generously facilitated by Ryan, and witnessing his passion for the discipline, plus his skill in guiding others to achieve results,

I decided to hire him to coach me briefly before my first pool freedive competition.

I can honestly say that his gentle guidance and skilled observation assisted me greatly,

not only within that session, but on the day of the competition,

(which he so supportively attended) and beyond.

Ryan is a phenomenal coach, and I’d highly recommend him to anyone wishing to deeply connect to themselves and the discipline of freediving.

— Amanda Foulkes

Green Sea Turtle swimming in a clean blue ocean

Beyond Depth Freediving is a proud supporter of, and proud to be supported by Sommerso Fins Australia

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