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Hi, I'm Ryan Archbold.

I had been diving and snorkelling in the ocean for some time before I discovered the wonderful sport of freediving. The attraction to experience the underwater realm on breath-hold was so strong that it was like I was being called home. Even greater than this, was the feeling of peace, ease and self control that freediving brings. Dealing with every aspect of daily life suddenly became easier.


My goal as a Freediving Instructor is to enable you to do the same. To give you the confidence to try, and the personal strength to succeed. 


For me, discovering my strengths took time. But once I let go of fear, I realized that there were no limits. My first step was attending a Freediving Course, where I learned the tools that I now live much of my life by.


Since becoming a Freediver, I have surrounded myself with people that I admire, people that inspire, people that have something to teach, and from whom I can learn. Some of the greatest memories I have gained in this sport are from seeing the growth and success of those I have been fortunate enough to share the journey with.


I believe my purpose is to share this journey of freediving with others and help them to become the fullest expression of themselves.

Ryan Archbold smiling after a Freedive