Ryan is an amazing instructor!

I've been doing pool training with him for a couple of weeks now, both in a

group and privately, and my technique has improved so much!

Training with Ryan has honed my freediving skills but also increased my awareness

of what happens in my body during breathhold.

He is so knowledgeable and passionate and makes you feel safe above all.

I have honestly never come across anyone who is so thrilled to see

his students improve and push past a barrier.

I would definitely recommend Ryan to anyone who wants to start their

freediving journey or improve their knowledge and performance.

— Nina Rothe

Having enjoyed many group pool freedive training sessions generously facilitated by Ryan, and witnessing his passion for the discipline, plus his skill in guiding others to achieve results,

I decided to hire him to coach me briefly before my first pool freedive competition.

I can honestly say that his gentle guidance and skilled observation assisted me greatly,

not only within that session, but on the day of the competition,

(which he so supportively attended) and beyond.

Ryan is a phenomenal coach, and I’d highly recommend him to anyone wishing to deeply connect to themselves and the discipline of freediving.

— Amanda Foulkes

Ryan is a very competent Freedive trainer.

He helped me personally reach my goals at the time of 100m DYN.

He has a great depth of knowledge, coupled with coaching abilities that enable

him to guide you in the murky waters of your personal freedive journey.

He gives the right balance of encouragement & support to get the most out of your abilities,

so you can reach your genetic envelope & he certainly did that with me.

Highly recommend him.

— Dr. Nick Taft

Freediver blowing a bubble ring under water
Breathing up before a Dynamic freediving attempt